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11. Citing Iris

If Iris played an important part in your research then please add us to your reference list by using one of the recommendations below.

11.1. BibTeX entry

For example:

author = {{Met Office}},
title = {Iris: A Python library for analysing and visualising meteorological and oceanographic data sets},
edition = {v1.2},
year = {2010 - 2013},
address = {Exeter, Devon },
url = {http://scitools.org.uk/}

11.2. Downloaded Software

Suggested format:

ProductName. Version. ReleaseDate. Publisher. Location. DOIorURL. DownloadDate.

For example:

Iris. v1.2. 28-Feb-2013. Met Office. UK. https://github.com/SciTools/iris/archive/v1.2.0.tar.gz 01-03-2013

11.3. Checked out Software

Suggested format:

ProductName. Publisher. URL. CheckoutDate. RepositorySpecificCheckoutInformation.

For example:

Iris. Met Office. git@github.com:SciTools/iris.git 06-03-2013 

Reference: [Jackson].

[Jackson]Jackson, M. 2012. How to cite and describe software. Accessed 06-03-2013.