DEPRECATED: This class is deprecated. Please use Stamen('terrain-background') instead.

Terrain tiles defined for the continental United States, and include land color and shaded hills. The land colors are a custom palette developed by Gem Spear for the National Atlas 1km land cover data set, which defines twenty-four land classifications including five kinds of forest, combinations of shrubs, grasses and crops, and a few tundras and wetlands. The colors are at their highest contrast when fully zoomed-out to the whole U.S., and they slowly fade out to pale off-white as you zoom in to leave room for foreground data and break up the weirdness of large areas of flat, dark green.





find_images(target_domain, target_z[, ...])

Target domain is a shapely polygon in native coordinates.


image_for_domain(target_domain, target_z)


tile_bbox(x, y, z[, y0_at_north_pole])

Return the (x0, x1), (y0, y1) bounding box for the given x, y, z tile position.


Return extent tuple (x0,x1,y0,y1) in Mercator coordinates.