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Cartopy copyright, licensing and contributors

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Citing cartopy

If cartopy played an important part in your research then please add us to your reference list by using one of the recommendations below.

BibTeX entry

For example:

author = {{Met Office}},
title = {Cartopy: a cartographic python library with a matplotlib interface},
year = {2010 - 2015},
address = {Exeter, Devon },
url = {}

Downloaded Software

ProductName. Version. ReleaseDate. Publisher. Location. DOIorURL. DownloadDate.

For example:

Cartopy. v0.11.2. 22-Aug-2014. Met Office. UK.

Checked out Software

ProductName. Publisher. URL. CheckoutDate. RepositorySpecificCheckoutInformation.

For example:

Cartopy. Met Office. 2015-02-18. 7b2242e.
[Jackson]Jackson, M. 2012. How to cite and describe software. Accessed 2013-03-06.