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"Give no decision till both sides thou'st heard."


The Iris and Cartopy projects will be governed with the following approach:

Roles and responsibilities


Users download and use Iris and/or Cartopy. They are the reason these packages have been created and developed. We want to know what problems they experience and ideas they have so that we can improve the software. Become a User by downloading the libraries and starting to use them now.


Contributors are people who contribute to the Iris and/or Cartopy project but do not have sufficient privileges to merge a pull request to the master. Contributions can be made by providing bug fixes, adding new code, reporting bugs, updating or writing new documentation and gallery additions.

Become a Contributor with any of the tasks described above. Please note that merging of source code contributions is at the discretion of the Developers and follows an iterative dialogue. We will also need a completed Contributor's Licence Agreement (CLA). Please read the Privacy Policy to understand how we will use any personal data we collect about you.

We will be following the 'review-then-commit' process of merging contributions into the project.

After nomination by the developers to the steering council, major and effective contributors to the project will be invited to become a developer


It is the Development team's responsibility to ensure the quality of the source code and documentation remains high and that the integrity of the project is preserved. To achieve this, the Development team will:


Owners are responsible for the repository and for granting privileges.

Steering council

The steering council is made up of a small group of long-term SciTools developers.

The council are responsible for providing high-level steer and scope for the SciTools organisation. It is also able to arbitrate decisions for the wider SciTools developer community via a simple steering council majority.

The steering council members are:


Support is offered on a best endeavour only and is provided as time and resources allow. That said support is an important activity for the Developers as it provides an opportunity to work closely with people using Iris. It is from these events that real value is generated that can be brought back into the project. Available support channels for the project can be found at Iris Community Page and on the Cartopy Home page 'Getting Involved' section.

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