Contributing to Cartopy#

Cartopy is an open-source project that welcomes contributions from anyone. More information about the copyright and license agreement can be found on the SciTools Governance page. A good place to start contributing is by fixing typos, adding examples, or improving the explanations of the functions.

To contribute new features or bug fixes, you can create a pull request with your code changes on GitHub. The easiest way to get started contributing code is to Fork Cartopy to your GitHub account and then clone the repository to your local system. After that you can install the conda development environment included with the source code to install all of the required dependencies

# Clone your forked version of Cartopy
git clone

# Set up the development environment and install the dependencies
cd cartopy
conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate cartopy-dev

# Install cartopy
pip install -e .

# Optionally install pre-commit to help with linting
pre-commit install

This will install all of the required dependencies for compiling the code, running the tests, and building the documentation. Remember to activate the cartopy-dev environment.

A development and test workflow may look something like the following code block.

# Activate your development environment
conda activate cartopy-dev

# Checkout a new feature branch
git checkout -b my-cool-feature

# Make your code changes here, including tests for the changes!
# Add and commit the changes with a useful commit message
# describing what changes you made
git add lib/cartopy/
git commit

# Test your code on 4 processors
pytest -n 4 lib/cartopy

# push your changes to your GitHub account
git push --set-upstream origin my-cool-feature

# Go to GitHub and make a Pull Request to Cartopy