After a lengthy discussion between Phil Elson and Richard Hattersley culminated in a belief that it was actually possible to write a mapping library which can handle data which crosses the dateline (or indeed exists in a different coordinate system to the projection of the desired map), cartopy was born. From such simple beginnings cartopy has grown into a community driven package with exciting scientific geospatial visualisation capabilities and a simple, pythonic interface.

The following people have dedicated their time and effort to deliver new functionality, fix bugs, review code and provide support for, cartopy, without whom the package wouldn’t be as rich or diverse as it is today:

  • Bill Little

  • Byron Blay

  • Ed Campbell

  • Andrew Munslow

  • Damon McDougall

  • Ian Edwards

  • Carwyn Pelley

  • Andrew Dawson

  • Patrick Peglar

  • Christoph Gohlke

  • Thomas Lecocq

  • Lion Krischer

  • Nat Wilson

  • Elliott Sales de Andrade

  • Laura Dreyer

  • Daniel Atton Beckmann

  • Joseph Hogg

  • Louis Tiao

  • Zachary Tessler

  • Daniel Eriksson

  • Crispian Batstone

  • Daryl Herzmann

  • Robert Redl

  • Greg Lucas

  • Sadie Bartholomew

  • Kacper Makuch

  • Stephane Raynaud

  • John Krasting

  • Matthias Cuntz

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