Version 0.19 (April 21, 2021)

For a full list of included Pull Requests and closed Issues, please see the 0.19 milestone.


  • Thomas Grainger restored PEP-517 support to improve installations. (PR #1681)

  • @emsterr added the ability to style bounding boxes of labels. (PR #1669)

  • Adrien Berchet added the ability to cache downloaded image tiles. (PR #1533)

  • Greg Lucas changed the vector interpolations to be strictly in the source coordinates, which removed some erroneous extrapolations. (PR #1636)

  • Giacomo Caria added an option to remove the cardinal direction labels from the axes. (PR #1662)

  • Greg Lucas added the ability to update data within a pcolormesh plot using set_array() to enable animations of the fields. (PR #1496) Liam Bindle extended this capability to update the color limits (PR #1655) and Sebastian David Eastham fixed the return values when get_array() was called (PR #1656)

  • @htonchia and Greg Lucas fixed an issue with large cells appearing in pcolormesh plots. (PR #1622)

  • Philippe Miron added an example to demonstrate how to label specific sides of the plot. (PR #1593)

  • Greg Lucas added the option to restrict the limits of gridlines. (PR #1574)

  • Kyle Penner fixed extrapolations using an alpha-channel in imshow(). (PR #1582)

  • Valentin Iovene added pkg-config instructions to help with installations on MacOS. (PR #1596)

  • Luke Davis updated the tight bbox calculations to include the gridliner labels. (PR #1355)

  • Luke Davis fixed the label padding for gridliners to use points which makes the rendered screen image appear the same as the printed image now. (PR #1556)

  • Daryl Herzmann added the ability to make Hexbin plots. (PR #1542)

  • Kyle Penner fixed image plotting when a 2D alpha array is input. (PR #1543)

  • Elliott Sales de Andrade and Hugo van Kemenade removed Python 2 support. (PR #1516, PR #1517, PR #1540, PR #1544, and PR #1547)