Version 0.6 (February 19, 2013)


  • Patrick Peglar added the ability to draw ticks for some limited projections when using the gridlines() method on an Axes.

  • Phil Elson and Carwyn Pelley extended the cartopy documentation to include new tutorials such as Using the cartopy shapereader.

  • Ian Edwards added a new example to create a favicon for cartopy.

  • Phil Elson added a new example to show polygon analysis and visualisation with Shapely and cartopy.

  • Edward Campbell added a new projection for UTM zone 32.

  • Andrew Dawson added a central_longitude keyword for the Stereographic family of projections.

  • Phil Elson added a Downloader class which allows automatic downloading of shapefiles (currently from Natural Earth and GSHHS). The extension requires no user action and can be configured via the cartopy.config dictionary.

  • Development plans for cartopy 0.7 and beyond

    • Improve the projection definitions to support better control over datum definitions and consider adding WKT support (ticket).

    • Begin work on vector field support (barbs, quiver, streamlines etc.).

    • Continue identifying and implementing performance enhancements (particularly in contour drawing).

    • Extend the number of projections for which it is possible to draw tick marks.