Version 0.16 (February 21, 2018)


  • We are very pleased to announce that Ryan May has been added to the cartopy core development team. Ryan (@dopplershift) brings a wealth of experience, and has already made significant contributions to the Matplotlib interface, extended projections, and helped modernise the development infrastructure.

  • The Gnomonic projection was brought up-to-date to include the central_longitude argument. (PR #855)

  • Ryan May improved the formulation of the boundary ellipse for the Geostationary projection and added the sweep_angle_axis keyword argument. (PR #890, PR #897)

  • Elliott Sales de Andrade made a number of micro-optimisations to the Matplotlib interface, fixed a number of documentation issues with Python 3 and added Matplotlib 2.0 & 2.1 compatibility. (PR #886, PR #901, PR #780, PR #773, PR #977)

  • Tick padding was added to the gridliner. cartopy.mpl.gridliner.Gridliner.xpadding and ypadding relate. (PR #783)

  • Ryan May added the with_scale() method to the NaturalEarthFeature class. For example, it is now possible to access higher resolution land features with cartopy.feature.LAND.with_scale('50m'). In addition to this, cartopy.feature.STATES was added to easily access administrative area boundaries that were previously only accessible by manually constructing NaturalEarthFeature instances (as is done in the Feature Creation example). (PR #898)

  • Daryl Herzmann and Robert Redl improved cartopy’s internal conversion between Shapely objects and Matplotlib Paths. (PR #885 & PR #1021)

  • Åsmund Steen Skjæveland fixed cartopy.mpl.geoaxes.GeoAxes.tissot() to use the documented units of kilometres, where before it had been using metres. (PR #904)

  • Andrew Dawson wrote a new tutorial for the user guide: Understanding the transform and projection keywords. (PR #914)

  • Daniel Kirkham and Daryl Herzmann made significant improvements to the stability of polygon transformation. The changes reduce the frequency of messages such as Unidentified problem with geometry, linestring being re-added and Self-intersection at or near point <X> <Y> occurring. (PR #974 and PR #903)

  • Chris Holdgraf and Corinne Bosley worked collaboratively to bring sphinx-gallery to the cartopy docs. (PR #969)

  • Ray Bell neatened up many of the examples to explicitly pass the coordinate system when calling set_extent(). (PR #975)

  • Ryan May changed the default zorder of LAND and OCEAN to -1, thus fixing an issue with LAND/OCEAN appearing above some data elements such as vectors. (PR #916)

  • Kevin Donkers added the 60 UTM projections example to the gallery in PR #954:

  • Andrey Kiselev added support for reading shapes with a third (Z) dimension. (PR #958)

  • Corinne Bosley standardised the docstring format for improved readability and visual consistency. (PR #987)

  • Cartopy now no longer enables shapely.speedups() at cartopy import time. (PR #990)

  • Mahé Perrette and Ryan May collaborated to improve the Stereographic projection. (PR #929)