Version 0.11 (June 19, 2014)

  • Richard Hattersley added epsg() support for generating a Cartopy projection at run-time based on the EPSG code of a projected coordinate system. This mechanism utilises as a coordinate system resource and employs EPSG request caching using pyepsg

  • Phil Elson added WMSRasterSource which provides interactive pan and zoom OGC web services support for a Web Map Service (WMS) aware axes. This capability may be added to an axes via the add_wms() method. Generic interactive slippy map panning and zooming capability is managed through the new SlippyImageArtist and use of the add_raster() method.

  • WMTSRasterSource was added by Richard Hattersley to provide interactive pan and zoom OGC web services support for a Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) aware axes, which is available through the add_wmts() method. This includes support for the Google Mercator projection and efficient WMTS tile caching. This new capability determines how to match up the available tiles projections with the target projection and chooses the zoom level to best match the pixel density in the rendered image.

  • Thomas Lecocq added functionality to allowing intelligent filling of missing elevation data, as well as a function to compute elevation shading for relief style mapping. An example has been added which uses both of these functions to produce a grayscale shaded relief map

  • Lion Krischer extended the capability of GoogleTiles to allow support for street, satellite, terrain and street_only style Google Map tiles.

  • Nat Wilson’s contribution brought us a major step closer to Python 3 compatibility.

  • Support for the UTM projection was added by Mark Hedley.

  • Andrew Dawson has added a new convenience utility function add_cyclic_point() to add a cyclic point to an array and optionally to a corresponding 1D coordinate.

  • Andrew Dawson added formatters for producing longitude/latitude tick labels for rectangular projections. The formatters are customizable and can be used to produce nice tick labels in a variety of styles: