Version 0.14 (March 24, 2016)


  • Zachary Tessler and Raj Kesavan added the projection, allowing MODIS data to be visualised in its native projection. Additionally, a prepared projection has been made available for convenience.

  • Joseph Hogg and Daniel Atton Beckmann added the cartopy.geodesic.Geodesic class which wraps the proj.4 geodesic library. This allows users to solve the direct and inverse geodesic problems (calculating distances between points etc). It also contains a convenience function that returns geodetic circles. This is used by cartopy.mpl.geoaxes.GeoAxes.tissot() which draws Tissot’s indicatrices on the axes.

  • The SRTM3 data source has been changed to the LP DAAC Data Pool. The Data Pool is more consistent, fixing several missing tiles, and the data is void-filled. Consequently, the cartopy.srtm.fill_gaps() function has been deprecated as it has no purpose within the STRM context. The SRTM example has also been updated to skip the void-filling step. Additionally, this data source provides SRTM at a higher resolution of 1 arc-second, which may be accessed via

  • All downloaders will use secure connections where available. Not every service supports this method, and so those will use non-secured HTTP connections instead. (See PR #736 for full details.)

  • Cartopy now supports, and is tested against, Matplotlib 1.3 and 1.5 as well as NumPy 1.7, 1.8 and 1.10.

  • Daniel Eriksson added a new example to the gallery:



  • has been moved to

Incompatible changes

  • now issues NaNs when invalid transforms are identified.