Coordinate reference systems (CRS)#

The crs module defines Coordinate Reference Systems and the transformations between them.

Base CRS’s#

CRS(proj4_params[, globe])

Define a Coordinate Reference System using proj.

Globe([datum, ellipse, semimajor_axis, ...])

Define an ellipsoid and, optionally, how to relate it to the real world.

Projection(*args, **kwargs)

Define a projected coordinate system with flat topology and Euclidean distance.


Define a latitude/longitude coordinate system with spherical topology, geographical distance and coordinates are measured in degrees.


Define a Geocentric coordinate system, where x, y, z are Cartesian coordinates from the center of the Earth.

RotatedGeodetic(pole_longitude, pole_latitude)

Define a rotated latitude/longitude coordinate system with spherical topology and geographical distance.


Return the projection which corresponds to the given EPSG code.

Geodesic calculations#

This module defines the Geodesic class which can interface with the Proj geodesic functions. See the Proj geodesic page for more background information.

Geodesic([radius, flattening])

Define an ellipsoid on which to solve geodesic problems.

List of projections#