Coordinate reference systems (CRS)

The class is the very core of cartopy, all coordinate reference systems in cartopy have CRS as a parent class.

Base CRS’s

crs.CRS(proj4_params[, globe])

Define a Coordinate Reference System using proj.

crs.Globe([datum, ellipse, semimajor_axis, ...])

Define an ellipsoid and, optionally, how to relate it to the real world.

crs.Projection(*args, **kwargs)

Define a projected coordinate system with flat topology and Euclidean distance.


Define a latitude/longitude coordinate system with spherical topology, geographical distance and coordinates are measured in degrees.


Define a Geocentric coordinate system, where x, y, z are Cartesian coordinates from the center of the Earth.

crs.RotatedGeodetic(pole_longitude, ...[, ...])

Define a rotated latitude/longitude coordinate system with spherical topology and geographical distance.


Return the projection which corresponds to the given EPSG code.

Geodesic calculations

The cartopy.geodesic module defines the cartopy.geodesic.Geodesic class which can interface with the Proj geodesic functions. See the Proj geodesic page for more background information.

geodesic.Geodesic([radius, flattening])

Define an ellipsoid on which to solve geodesic problems.