class, max_nx=3, max_ny=3)[source]#

A source of SRTM3 data, which implements Cartopy’s RasterSource interface.

  • downloader ( instance or None) – The downloader to use for the SRTM3 dataset. If None, the downloader will be taken using with (‘SRTM’, ‘SRTM3’) as the target.

  • max_nx – The maximum number of x tiles to be combined when producing a wider composite for this RasterSource.

  • max_ny – The maximum number of y tiles to be combined when producing a taller composite for this RasterSource.

combined(lon_min, lat_min, nx, ny)#

Return an image and its extent for the group of nx by ny tiles starting at the given bottom left location.


The CRS of the underlying SRTM data.


The Cartopy Downloader which can handle SRTM data. Normally, this will be a SRTMDownloader instance.

fetch_raster(projection, extent, target_resolution)#

Fetch SRTM elevation for the given projection and approximate extent.

srtm_fname(lon, lat)#

Return the filename for the given lon/lat SRTM tile (downloading if necessary), or None if no such tile exists (i.e. the tile would be entirely over water, or out of latitude range).


Raise an error if this raster source cannot provide images in the specified projection.


projection ( – The desired projection of the image.