class cartopy.mpl.geoaxes.GeoSpine(axes, **kwargs)[source]

Draw the Artist (and its children) using the given renderer.

This has no effect if the artist is not visible (Artist.get_visible returns False).


renderer (RendererBase subclass.) –


This method is overridden in the Artist subclasses.


Return the window extent of the spines in display space, including padding for ticks (but not their labels)


Set the position of the spine.

Spine position is specified by a 2 tuple of (position type, amount). The position types are:

  • ‘outward’: place the spine out from the data area by the specified number of points. (Negative values place the spine inwards.)

  • ‘axes’: place the spine at the specified Axes coordinate (0 to 1).

  • ‘data’: place the spine at the specified data coordinate.

Additionally, shorthand notations define a special positions:

  • ‘center’ -> (‘axes’, 0.5)

  • ‘zero’ -> (‘data’, 0.0)