class, username, map_id, cache=False)[source]#

Implement web tile retrieval from a user-defined Mapbox style. For more details on Mapbox styles, see

For terms of service, see

Set up a new instance to retrieve tiles from a Mapbox style.

Access to Mapbox web services requires an access token and a map ID. See for details.

  • access_token – A valid Mapbox API access token.

  • username – The username for the Mapbox user who defined the Mapbox style.

  • map_id – A map ID for a map defined by a Mapbox style. This is the map whose tiles will be retrieved through this process. Note that this style may be private and if your access token does not have permissions to view this style, then map tile retrieval will fail.

find_images(target_domain, target_z, start_tile=(0, 0, 0))#

Target domain is a shapely polygon in native coordinates.

tile_bbox(x, y, z, y0_at_north_pole=True)#

Return the (x0, x1), (y0, y1) bounding box for the given x, y, z tile position.

  • x – The x tile coordinate in the Google tile numbering system.

  • y – The y tile coordinate in the Google tile numbering system.

  • z – The z tile coordinate in the Google tile numbering system.

  • y0_at_north_pole (optional) – Boolean representing whether the numbering of the y coordinate starts at the north pole (as is the convention for Google tiles) or not (in which case it will start at the south pole, as is the convention for TMS). Defaults to True.


Return extent tuple (x0,x1,y0,y1) in Mercator coordinates.