class, features, getfeature_extra_kwargs=None)[source]#

Web Feature Service (WFS) retrieval for Cartopy.

  • service – The URL of a WFS, or an instance of owslib.wfs.WebFeatureService.

  • features – The typename(s) of the features from the WFS that will be retrieved and made available as geometries.

  • getfeature_extra_kwargs (optional) – Extra keyword args to pass to the service’s getfeature call. Defaults to None


Return a in which the WFS service can supply the requested features.

fetch_geometries(projection, extent)[source]#

Return any Point, Linestring or LinearRing geometries available from the WFS that lie within the specified extent.

  • projection ( – The projection in which the extent is specified and in which the geometries should be returned. Only the default (native) projection is supported.

  • extent (four element tuple) – (min_x, max_x, min_y, max_y) tuple defining the geographic extent of the geometries to obtain.


geoms – A list of Shapely geometries.