class, pole_latitude, central_rotated_longitude=0.0, globe=None)[source]#

Bases: CRS

Define a rotated latitude/longitude coordinate system with spherical topology and geographical distance.

Coordinates are measured in degrees.

The class uses proj to perform an ob_tran operation, using the pole_longitude to set a lon_0 then performing two rotations based on pole_latitude and central_rotated_longitude. This is equivalent to setting the new pole to a location defined by the pole_latitude and pole_longitude values in the GeogCRS defined by globe, then rotating this new CRS about it’s pole using the central_rotated_longitude value.

  • pole_longitude – Pole longitude position, in unrotated degrees.

  • pole_latitude – Pole latitude position, in unrotated degrees.

  • central_rotated_longitude (optional) – Longitude rotation about the new pole, in degrees. Defaults to 0.

  • globe (optional) – A Defaults to a “WGS84” datum.