class, crs, images=None)[source]#

Represents a collection of images at the same logical level.

Typically these are images at the same zoom level or resolution.

  • name – The name of the image collection.

  • crs – The Projection instance.

  • images (optional) – A list of one or more Img instances. Defaults to None.

scan_dir_for_imgs(directory, glob_pattern='*.tif', img_class=<class ''>)[source]#

Search the given directory for the associated world files of the image files.

  • directory – The directory path to search for image files.

  • glob_pattern (optional) – The image filename glob pattern to search with. Defaults to '*.tif'.

  • img_class (optional) – The class used to construct each image in the Collection.


Does not recursively search sub-directories.