Matplotlib interface (cartopy.mpl)#

Cartopy extends some Matplotlib capabilities to handle geographic projections, such as non-rectangular axes and spines.


This module defines the cartopy.mpl.geoaxes.GeoAxes class, an extension of matplotlib which adds a transform keyword argument to many plotting methods to enable geographic projections and boundary wrapping to occur on the axes.

When a Matplotlib figure contains a GeoAxes the plotting commands can transform plot results from source coordinates to the GeoAxes’ target projection.

GeoAxes(*args, **kwargs)

A subclass of matplotlib.axes.Axes which represents a map Projection.


alias of GeoAxes

GeoSpine(axes, **kwargs)

param axes:

The Axes instance containing the spine.

InterProjectionTransform(source_projection, ...)

Transform coordinates from the source_projection to the target_projection.

Gridlines and ticks#

Cartopy can produce gridlines and ticks in any projection and add them to the current geoaxes projection, providing a way to add detailed location information to the plots.

Gridliner(axes, crs[, draw_labels, ...])

Artist used by cartopy.mpl.geoaxes.GeoAxes.gridlines() to add gridlines and tick labels to a map.

Tools for handling tick marks in cartopy.

LongitudeFormatter([direction_label, ...])

Tick formatter for a longitude axis.

LatitudeFormatter([direction_label, ...])

Tick formatter for latitude axes.

LongitudeLocator([nbins, dms])

A locator for longitudes that works even at very small scale.

LatitudeLocator([nbins, dms])

A locator for latitudes that works even at very small scale.

Artist extensions#

This module defines the FeatureArtist class, for drawing Feature instances through an extension of the Matplotlib Artist interfaces.

FeatureArtist(feature, **kwargs)

A subclass of Collection capable of drawing a cartopy.feature.Feature.

Define the SlippyImageArtist class, which interfaces with instances at draw time, for interactive dragging and zooming of raster data.

SlippyImageArtist(ax, raster_source, **kwargs)

A subclass of AxesImage which provides an interface for getting a raster from the given object with interactive slippy map type functionality.


Extra functionality that is primarily intended for developers, providing support for transforming between Shapely geometries and Matplotlib paths.

See also Shapely Geometric Objects and Matplotlib Path API.


Create a list of matplotlib.path.Path objects that describe a shape.

path_segments(path, **kwargs)

Create an array of vertices and a corresponding array of codes from a matplotlib.path.Path.

path_to_geos(path[, force_ccw])

Create a list of Shapely geometric objects from a matplotlib.path.Path.