class'toner', desired_tile_form=None, cache=False)[source]#

Retrieves tiles from Styles include terrain-background, terrain, toner and watercolor.

For a full reference on the styles available please see Of particular note are the sub-styles that are made available (e.g. terrain and terrain-background). To determine the name of the particular [sub-]style you want, follow the link on to your desired style and observe the style name in the URL. Your style name will be in the form of:{STYLE_NAME}/#9/37/-122.

Except otherwise noted, the Stamen map tile sets are copyright Stamen Design, under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 3.0) license.

Please see the attribution notice at on how to attribute this imagery.


find_images(target_domain, target_z, start_tile=(0, 0, 0))#

Target domain is a shapely polygon in native coordinates.

tile_bbox(x, y, z, y0_at_north_pole=True)#

Return the (x0, x1), (y0, y1) bounding box for the given x, y, z tile position.

  • x – The x tile coordinate in the Google tile numbering system.

  • y – The y tile coordinate in the Google tile numbering system.

  • z – The z tile coordinate in the Google tile numbering system.

  • y0_at_north_pole (optional) – Boolean representing whether the numbering of the y coordinate starts at the north pole (as is the convention for Google tiles) or not (in which case it will start at the south pole, as is the convention for TMS). Defaults to True.


Return extent tuple (x0,x1,y0,y1) in Mercator coordinates.