class, crs, collections, _ancestry=None)[source]
__init__(name, crs, collections, _ancestry=None)[source]

Represents a complex nest of ImageCollections.

On construction, the image collections are scanned for ancestry, leading to fast image finding capabilities.

A complex (and time consuming to create) NestedImageCollection instance can be saved as a pickle file and subsequently be (quickly) restored.

There is a simplified creation interface for NestedImageCollection from_configuration for more detail.

  • name – The name of the nested image collection.

  • crs – The native Projection of all the image collections.

  • collections – A list of one or more ImageCollection instances.


__init__(name, crs, collections[, _ancestry])

Represents a complex nest of ImageCollections.

find_images(target_domain, target_z[, ...])

A generator that finds all images that overlap the bounded target location.

from_configuration(name, crs, name_dir_pairs)

Create a NestedImageCollection instance given the list of image collection name and directory path pairs.


Retrieve the data of the target image from file.

image_for_domain(target_domain, target_z)

Determine the image that provides complete coverage of target location.


Find the higher resolution image tiles that compose this parent image tile.