class cartopy.feature.Feature(crs, **kwargs)[source]#

Represents a collection of points, lines and polygons with convenience methods for common drawing and filtering operations.

  • crs – The coordinate reference system of this Feature

  • **kwargs – Keyword arguments to be used when drawing this feature.

See also

To add features to the current Matplotlib axes, see GeoAxes.

property crs#

The cartopy CRS for the geometries in this feature.

abstract geometries()[source]#

Return an iterator of (shapely) geometries for this feature.


Return an iterator of shapely geometries that intersect with the given extent. The extent is assumed to be in the CRS of the feature. If extent is None, the method returns all geometries for this dataset.

property kwargs#

The read-only dictionary of keyword arguments that are used when creating the Matplotlib artists for this feature.