class'RGB', user_agent='CartoPy/0.20.0', cache=False)[source]

Implement web tile retrieval using the Microsoft WTS quadkey coordinate system.

A “tile” in this class refers to a quadkey such as “1”, “14” or “141” where the length of the quatree is the zoom level in Google Tile terms.

__init__(desired_tile_form='RGB', user_agent='CartoPy/0.20.0', cache=False)


__init__([desired_tile_form, user_agent, cache])

find_images(target_domain, target_z[, ...])

Find all the quadtrees at the given target zoom, in the given target domain.


image_for_domain(target_domain, target_z)

quadkey_to_tms(quadkey[, google])


tile_bbox(x, y, z[, y0_at_north_pole])

Return the (x0, x1), (y0, y1) bounding box for the given x, y, z tile position.


Return extent tuple (x0,x1,y0,y1) in Mercator coordinates.

tms_to_quadkey(tms[, google])